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Burt Maternity Session | Urbana, IL | Meadowbrook Park | Creek Session

I have had my eye on a creek session for awhile but hadn't quite found the right place. As I was out shooting one evening I ran across this bridge and creek at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, IL. Who knew something so beautiful would be right in the heart of town? As I saw the sun come through the trees and over the bridge I knew whatever I did there had to be romantic. Insert the Burts! They are wonderful photographers themselves and are now expecting their very first child! Ethan and Bethany are the epitome of what love should be like and have a unique, yet beautiful outlook on life. I leave every conversation with them thinking about how I can simplify and enjoy the beauty of my life just as it is. We are all in such a hurry to be better, do better, have more and do more that we don't take the time to soak up what's right in front of us. These two do life right! If you ever have a chance to sit with them and listen to their story please do. You won't regret it!!!

I seek out romance and raw emotion in my sessions. If you would like a maternity session that portrays the real YOU contact me at magnoliaraynephoto@gmail.com.

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