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Bajer Family | Summer 2018 | Family Photos | Mahomet, IL

I haven't blogged in... well...MONTHS! It's something I think is important but honestly something I haven't made enough time for. That all ends today! I'll be sharing some of last years sessions with you over the next couple of months while things are still dead and gross outside here in the midwest.

This family was such a joy to photograph. When they showed up in the muted colors and gauzy, boho dresses I almost shouted with excitement. Seriously! Aren't they perfect? The little peterman collar and cute little boots on the girls were just enough detail in their outfits to set them apart. I always tell people that less is more in family photos but that the details really do make a difference. Texture, color, length, material and layers all make a huge difference in how the photo looks overall. I'm always here to lend a hand when choosing outfits but it's obvious that this Mama needed to help at all! Enjoy looking through a handful of the amazing photos we were able to snap during their session.

~ Sam

(P.S. Expressive little faces always give me a good laugh! These little girls give me all the giggles.)

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