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Why is it so hard to talk about yourself?!  Ugh!!!

Ok here I go...

- I'm a Mom of two crazy kiddos which means there is literally nothing I haven't seen or been through myself.  Are your kids ornery, stubborn, goofy, silly, stingy with their smiles?  BRING IT ON!  

- I started taking pictures as a creative outlet in 2010.  All these years later here I am making a business out of my passion.  I feel super blessed to call this my job.

- The whole reason I drifted into specializing in family photography is because...I freakin love families.  Families can be a husband and wife, a Mom and her babies, or a Mom and Dad with a whole crew of kiddos.  They come in all shapes and sizes and I want to capture it all!  

Let me tell the story of who YOU are through photographs!


Hey!  I'm Sam.


A couple other things worth noting about me....

* Coffee addict

* Jesus lover (my faith keeps me grounded)

* Loyal to a fault

* My best friend is my Mom

* HUGGER!!!  

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